Malibu Boys & Girls Club, “Harvesting Happiness through Spoken Word” Class

In 1999, Malibu Foundation for Youth and Families was founded as a non-profit organization to benefit much needed support services for the greater Malibu community. The Malibu Boys and Girls Club offers a variety of services and opportunity for Malibu Youth. This Fall Sgt. Denoh Grear, Joe Brightman and Lisa Cypers Kamen began co-facilitating a Spoken Word Pilot Program at MBGC. The focus of the class has been the inner (emotional) and outer (battle) wars we all experience while using Spoken Word as a tool for collective exploration, growth and healing. We are honored to have the Malibu Boys and Girls Club Harvesting Happiness through Spoken Word Class Pilot Program at TEDxMalibu.

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