Sgt. Denoh Lawrence Grear

To simply lay out the qualifications of a man as bold and decisive as Denoh Grear would be easy enough. An Honorably decorated United States soldier serving as a Sergeant in the US Army and while completing his second tour of duty in Iraq he has been on the front lines of democracy starting with and ending with Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has confidently and with great strength helped his fellow soldiers, as a counselor and a leader, see the path to freedom, not only for the people of Iraq, but to make sense for those brothers and sisters he serves with who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as has he.

You could talk at length about his continuing effort to lead young people in his hometown in RI and throughout New England as a case manager for the mentally and emotionally disabled, and his ongoing effort to make sure that every voice has an avenue to be heard and to be respected.

As a musician, writer, poet, entertainer, actor, photographer, director, producer and designer, you would find in Denoh all of the skills and talents that would take most people many lifetimes to develop. But, in Denoh Grear burns a hero’s passions to not only make a difference in the world, but to define a new paradigm for accomplishment that is needed for cynicism to be extinguished for good and for the good of all people.

Denoh Grear thinks constantly about what’s next. He doesn’t tire from what hasn’t happened and is fueled by what can happen.


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