Eric Lumiere

For the Love of Music + the Music of Love
Music is one of the most elusive art forms. It has the power to uplift, touch, move and inspire people. When I create music, my intention is to share myself as fully and unconditionally as possible so that there may be no walls between us, no projections of who I’d like to be or think I am; just the essence of who I am, the discovery of which is a continuous process and one that I live for. Music can affect people in many ways and if I have one wish, it’s that it touches you. That it’s greatest potential is fulfilled, and that in listening to my music, you discover more of who you are, your truth, and are inspired to share your own beingness with the world.

After graduating from the Clive Davis Dept. of Recorded Music at NYU in 2007, Eric’s song “Anthem” (a bedroom demo) was remixed by DJs Filo and Peri and signed by top DJ Paul Van Dyk. Released in 13+ countries, “Anthem” broke the UK Top 40 at #39 and reached #1 on the US Billboard Dance Airplay.

While continuing to work with Filo and Peri, Eric has been focusing on his next release, tentatively titled the ‘Under Love EP’.


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