David Ari Leon

Tedx MalibuDavid Ari Leon is a multiple award-winning and Emmy-nominated composer and music supervisor. He has brought his signature blend of acute classical expertise and emotive pop ethos to countless films, video games, albums, and TV shows. David’s music can currently be heard in places such as ABC’s hit show, Sea World’s “Sea Rescue and on Disney XD’s “The Avengers.” He is music director and co-founder of the Voice of Life project, whose mission is to elevate wellness with great music.  He’s also raising mobile game music to new heights with his immensely popular music. Recently, he scored Woody Woodpecker, named “iPhone Game of the Week,” the top-seller Superman (Warner Bros), and Contre Jour, the No. 1 selling game app, and “iPad Game of the Year” in more than 10 countries. Leon’s SoundMind Music is a company that oversees the entire music package for a project with many clients including luminaries such as: Lionsgate Films, Warner Bros, Marvel, Universal, DC Comics, ABC, Sea World, EA and Disney.



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